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Water Pressure, the Venturi Effect and Vacuum.

These three simple principles are what make Pump Marvel work.

Pump Marvel.  A water pump that uses water pressure from a garden hose rather than electricity to pump water. It is not designed to compete with the speed of commercial-grade submersible pumps that you use in the field, it is to be used by consumers in situations like power outages where you can’t use electricity (Pump Marvel recently saved a person’s basement from flooding when the power was out and the sump pump wasn’t running), or in areas where you may prefer not to use electricity, such as draining hot tubs, and taking the water off of winter pool covers (have you ever seen a person with broom handles with extension cords taped to them, wrapped in plastic, extended over their pool trying to get the water out of the middle of a winter cover?)

Pump Marvel outperforms submersible pumps in a several ways; it drains down to 1/8” leaving virtually no water behind whereas submersible pumps leave 2”-3” behind that has to be manually removed.  Pump Marvel will not burn out if run dry, and when positioned flat in the middle of a winter cover (easily accomplished with the standard pool pole attachment) it won’t allow debris to be sucked up to block the main intake

Pump Marvel includes a 12′ expandable 1 1/4″ (sump pump) discharge hose that is much easier to store than traditional hoses. Pump Marvel will also accept a 1 1/2″ pool hose. 

Every gallon of hose water that enters Pump Marvel can suck up as much as 3 additional gallons from the vessel being drained, and eject 4 gallons out of the discharge hose.

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Pump Marvel is Not a Siphon, it is a True Pump:
  • It doesn’t lose its prime.
  • It can lift discharge water up to 20′ high.
  • Pump Marvel drains 13 times faster than siphoning or draining with a garden hose.

Pump Marvel Outperforms Traditional Submersible Pumps:
  • It drains water down to 1/8″ so you don’t have to worry about manually removing the other 2 – 3″ that a submersible pump leaves behind. No more getting into your hot tub to bail out the last few inches of water left behind after draining.
  • It won’t burn out if run dry.
  • Has no moving parts to wear out.
  • Made of high strength PVC, Pump Marvel is virtually indestructible and will last forever.
  • If there is debris in the water that is being drained, i.e. leaves in the water on the top of a pool cover, the debris will not block the intake as long as Pump Marvel is positioned flat on the bottom, a feat that can easily be managed by one person by using a standard pool pole that attaches to the top of Pump Marvel. Traditional submersible pumps have an intake screen that can rapidly become clogged with small debris, causing the pump to quit working and even burn out.
  • Pump Marvel is great in situations where there is shallow water to move. For example, if you had a leak in a basement, Pump Marvel can keep water at bay leaving as little as 1/8″ behind. Without Pump Marvel you would need to use a shop vac and continually be vacuuming water up until the source of the leak was stopped. The benefit of Pump Marvel is that you can turn it on and leave it alone, freeing you up to do other things (like find the source of the leak).
  • A 1″ PVC pipe up to 4′ long can fit into the bottom of Pump Marvel which will allow it to suck water out of confined spaces, such as sump holes, washing machines and aquariums.
  • Pump Marvel doesn’t require electricity. If the power goes out then your sump pump doesn’t run. To prevent a flooded basement, use Pump Marvel!
  • On the top of Pump Marvel there is a slot that will accept a standard pool pole handle, allowing Pump Marvel to be manoeuvred and positioned with a pool pole.
  • Are you in the pool or spa service business? Pump Marvel is great for getting the last few inches of water out of an above ground pool when you are installing a new liner. And if you arrive at a service call to find that there is no electricity available to run your pump and the homeowner is not at home, use Pump Marvel to complete the job so that you don’t have to reschedule.
  • In many applications, such as removing water from a pool cover or draining a spa, Pump Marvel is safer than an electric pump because you are not mixing electricity with water.

Multiple Uses:
  • Draining spas and hot tubs.
  • Safely removing all the water from pool covers.
  • Preventing flooded basements during a power outage.
  • Removing unwanted water from construction sites, flat roofs, patios, lawns, washing machines, dishwashers.
  • Effortlessly bail boats.
  • Emptying blow-up pools, kiddie pools, fountains and koi ponds.

Pump Marvel simply pumps water out!

Made in Canada

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